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Junior Marketing Coordinator

Are you passionate about social media and marketing? Are you good at storytelling and brand communication?  If you love content creation, digital marketing and are curious to learn about conversational AI, we want to meet you!


Here’s what we’re looking for : 

  • A desire to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to produce and translate French and English content.
  •  Experience with popular social media platforms.
  •  Knowledge on social media audiences and online trends.
  • Creativity and incredible attention to detail.

Conversational Solutions Intern

Letmetalk is looking for a talented and innovative intern to help design the customer experience for our conversational AI projects. This role is for you if you are excited by the opportunity to use emerging technology to help brands connect with and understand their customers in a personalized way. You are resourceful, self-motivated and pride yourself on your creativity and ability to design elegant solutions to hard problems. You communicate well and want to be part of an experienced and hardworking cross-functional team.


Here’s what we’re looking for : 

  • You possess outstanding English and French verbal and written communication skills.
  • You have a passion or experience in digital media.
  • You understand or want to learn how to structure an online conversation with bots.
  •  You are a detailed-oriented individual, with strong problem-solving skills.

What it means to work

at letmetalk

Working at Letmetalk means working in a young, fulfilling environment. We distinguish ourselves by our work ethic, our creative abilities and our dynamic energy. The relationship between all of us is symbiotic.

Each and every single member of our team have an impact on the future of this company. We all feel we have something to benefit from one another. 


Do you think this is for you? Give us a call or contact us, we’ll be glad to see what we can do together.

the Future of conversational ai and business automation

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

Letmetalk is the best up and coming Conversational AI company in Montreal. The Letmetalk team brings together years of experience building messaging products and CRM / Sales infrastructures.  Our team of experts are a perfect mix of creators, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, geeks, writers, fashion lovers, foodies and collaborators who are looking for a fun and engaging business relationship.  Our goal is to showcase the power of Conversational AI when incorporated within business strategies.

Our advantages

Working here at Letmetalk.ai gets you a lot of exceptional perks!  Here are some of them.




  • Collective insurance
  • Epic view of Montreal
  • Free beer.
  • Awesome team culture

Think Ahead

By working in the conversational AI industry, you get a hands-on experience on revolutionary technology, amazing customer satisfaction’s rates and the most amazing people.

  • Great work experience
  • Emerging market
  • Great Opportunity
  • Amazing Creative Output

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